Dear brothers in Christ

Greetings from the mission field.
By God’s grace we are laboring in the kingdom and we need the assistance of the Holy Spirit through your intercession in prayer to Our Heavenly Father through our Dear Lord Jesus.
This week God has allowed Noe to teach an intense ecclesiology course to a large number of students and part time student pastors in Medellin. These students actually demanded long hours, up to 9 pm.
Their interest and surprise by the doctrines of grace is something to behold and glorify God .
On Sunday I will preaching at the church now, thanks to Redeemer Church of Watertown (Boston) MA, with a capacity to 700.
On Monday we will be traveling to Bogota where the SRL Reformed Pastors Convention will take place until the end of next week.
Please pray for Dr. Burk Parsons who will meet us in Bogota on Tuesday where he will be speaking along with Dr. Joel Beeke, Dr. Sam Waldron and other distinguished speakers. We are expecting hundreds of pastors from all Latin America along with hundreds of other people who are intrigued about this reformation phenomena.
Please pray, pray, pray.
Grace and peace in The Lord Jesus

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